The Studio Ghibli Movies On Netflix Actually Worth Your Time

Studio Ghibli movie fans rejoice, 21 of their 22 feature films are now available to watch on Netflix and honestly, what better time than now to crack on with them? But as much as we love Studio Ghibli, not every studio’s movies are the pinnacle of filmmaking. So here is our definitive list of the […]

The Long, Ugly History Between Disney And Studio Ghibli

Disney’s directors have long admired Ghibli’s movies, but the company never gave them their due Studio Ghibli’s legacy can be best summed up in a story that’s become legend. Hayao Miyazaki’s visceral masterpiece Princess Mononoke was scheduled for an unusually wide release in the United States. The Walt Disney Company had the release rights, just […]

Studio Ghibli Offer Fans Free Virtual Backgrounds To Use In Video Meetings

Japanese animation titans Studio Ghibli have released virtual background images for Zoom and other video call platforms, taken from the most famous films in their back catalogue. The film studio is offering fans a set of 12 different backgrounds available to download from their website. The first eight dropped on April 13, with four more […]

Forget You’re Under Quarantine And Lose Yourself In The World Of Studio Ghibli

Stuck indoors? Then let the studio’s legends and colorful worlds whisk you away Though COVID-19 has unfortunately scuppered many travel plans this spring, it’s still possible to experience Japan from your couch through film. In particular, Studio Ghibli’s iconic canon of animated features provide a vivid refuge for those unable to leave the house. Since […]

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