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Sung Jin-Woo: Everything You Need To Know About

Sung Jin-Woo (seongjin-wu) is the hero of Solo Leveling, an online novel turned webtoon. He is one of the stirred people that acquired the capacity to use mana, even though he was recorded as the World’s Weakest Hunter due to being the most vulnerable E-Rank Hunter, and Jin-Woo immediately plunged not too far off of being the World’s Strongest Hunter when he was Reawakened and turned into a Player.

Sung Jin-Woo


Sung Jin-Woo began as a normal-looking young guy of ordinary height, with a skinnier, weaker physique, but powerful than the typical individual.
Jin-Woo transformed from a young man with a lesser frame to a slim young man with a well-developed physique after his Reawakening, since the System was aiding in his growth to make him stronger. He had grown into a tall and attractive young man capable of attracting the attention of most women.

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Even though he wore basic clothing at first because of an absence of money, in the wake of procuring more cash and admittance to the System Shop, he obtained admittance to various products and attire that no other Hunter has. Most of his clothing comprises dark garments that are suitable for his current demeanor and abilities.


Sung Jin-Woo is demonstrated to be very kind, fearless, and thoughtful from the beginning, going through prisons to pay for his mom’s emergency clinic costs while as yet focusing on his sister. Even though he was careless and restless around his kindred Hunters with whom he voyaged, he could likewise be insightful and shrewd even in the toughest spots, permitting him to save the overcomers of the Double Dungeon. Jin-Woo was moreover ready to forfeit himself so the two who stayed with him may avoid, realizing that none of them could escape without assistance; yet, he was secretly frightened and didn’t have any desire to pass on because he had his very own group.

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With his keeping fighting get-togethers Reawakening and turning into a Player, his mindset started to change. He has developed really challenging and confidence in his abilities. He was first isolated from the framework, worried and scared of it. This dread a lot blurs over the long haul.

His attitude, then again, remains almost unaltered, as he is demonstrated to be merciful and smart, yet not however much he was back previously. Nonetheless, he has gone through a couple of good changes, like expanded certainty, dauntlessness, and coolness toward beasts and forceful trackers.

Powers and Abilities

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Sung Jin-Woo was an Awakened Human with more prominent actual ability than standard people, at this point he was more fragile than different Hunters of higher positions and nearly died on various occasions inside lower-level Dungeons. Be that as it may, after his Reawakening in the Double Dungeon, he was changed into a Player, permitting him to step up and get more grounded almost as though he were a gamer. From that point forward, Jin-Woo has stepped up by playing through the numerous prisons and special ones that he alone approached, acquiring abilities and powers by using the System, which was additionally using him.

  • Supernatural Condition
  • Immense Mana
  • Unlimited Inventory
  • System Shop
  • Kandiaru’s Blessing
  • Speed
  • Bloodlust
  • Stealth
  • Dagger Throw
  • Critical Strike

Shadow Monarch Powers

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Jin-Woo was extended to the employment opportunity of Necromancer after finishing his Class Change Quest, which immediately developed into the mysterious class, Shadow Lord. Following this, he acquired the capacity to revive his expired adversaries and individuals to change them into Shadows, workers that serve and battle with him in battle; nonetheless, he is unequipped for restoring people more grounded than him or evil elements who have undermined mana. Jin-Woo has gained an expansive assortment of Shadows from imposing adversaries that fight with him since getting this Job. He is fit for naming the Elite Shadows.

The genuine justification for the Architect’s formation of the System was to find a host adequately incredible to turn into the vessel for the Shadow Monarch, which continuously changes his body with Ashborn’s solidarity. Jin-Woo turned into the Shadow Monarch after finishing the Final Trial of the Architect and getting the first Shadow Monarch’s Black Heart; the past ruler was not restored. After his heart was pierced and he met Ashborn, he endowed the entirety of his forces to Jin-Woo, which brought about the System being delivered, permitting him admittance to the entirety of his force.

  • Shadow Extraction
  • Shadow Save
  • Shadow Exchange
  • The domain of the Monarch
  • Ruler’s Authority

In short, Sung Jin-Woo is a character with a beautiful look and a very potent source of strength. It’s no surprise that he became the series’ highlight and drew a large number of admirers. As a result, items linked to him are always in great demand. Do you want to explore them?

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