Studio Ghibli Sent Harvey Weinstein A Samurai Sword

While the world uncovers more and more secrets of Harvey Weinstein’s past, one little bit of history has been released that is actually quite interesting. Long before he was accused of sexual misconduct, Weinstein was one of the most powerful men in the movie world. He dominated over Hollywood and frequently battled other directors, and through his production company Miramax, he would add a personal, possibly unwanted, touch to his films; apparently, the 65-year-old would cut and chop up his movies so much that he was given the nickname ‘Harvey Scissorhands’.

Japanese film director Hayao Miyazaki obviously found this amusing and took full advantage of his nickname when the pair got confrontational over how Miyazaki’s film Princess Mononoke should be edited. The 76-year-old artist, who is thought of as one of the greatest animation directors, was adamant to have ‘no cuts’ but Weinstein, again, wanted to edit down the masterpiece to his own liking. Their feud wasn’t particularly a secret and in 2005 Miyazaki confirmed that his producer sent Weinstein a samurai sword when they found out the Hollywood director would be handling the film’s U.S. release. ‘Actually, my producer did that. Although I did go to New York to meet this man, this Harvey Weinstein, and I was bombarded with this aggressive attack, all these demands for cuts,’ he told the Guardian in 2005. The blade had a message that read: ‘No cuts’.


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