How Long Was Chihiro In Thr Spirit World 3

How long was Chihiro in the spirit world ?

You often hear that when you get lost in the fairy kingdom, you should not eat food there. It makes people there have the power to decide you. Often the main character also escapes from the kingdom after a period of time that they think is quite short (one night or a week for example).

…. then finally realize how many years have passed in the real world …

A week? Must be more. The grass is a sign to realize this, but it is more obvious that the statue.

In the first scene when Chihiro gets out of the car, the statue is no longer NEW, but still enough for you to realize it’s a statue.

How long was Chihiro in the spirit world ?

The statue was eroded into a smooth stone that was invisible to inanimate beings. It was originally carved from a sturdy stone, certainly a decade had passed before it became like that.

Also, if you look closely … the building that Chihiro and her parents passed by was too old to recognize … or was destroyed and rebuilt but abandoned. If you notice the entrance to the “spirit world” originally made of a red cement wall, however, at the end, the entrance is made of white bricks … and now there is a curved arch. off the wall … ..

How long was Chihiro in the spirit world

As I said, or the building was collapsed and rebuilt (and abandoned again – although why the car is not affected if this is the case) or somehow beyond recognition and acquiring new features .. without meaning.

That is, I have not mentioned the trees beside the car. Think about how long it will take them to reach that height.

Chihiro in the spirit world

Now I’m not a botanist or anything like that …. but I’m pretty sure that growth takes months …. even years, so for me, The idea that she took days or weeks of pictures … they had to go for months or even years.

The first few times I viewed the movie, these little details completely went over my head until I re-watched it today… but now I’m just puzzled and am left without an answer

So exactly how many days, months or years EXACTLY passed from the beginning of ‘Spirited Away’ until the end… does anyone know the answer? Any theories?

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