Studio Ghibli producer ‘deeply sorry’ for sexist comments about only hiring male directors

A former Studio Ghibli producer has apologised for giving a sexist explanation for the studio’s lack of female directors. Yoshiaki Nishimura, who produced Ghibli’s latest When Marnie Was There but has since left the company, was asked by the Guardian if the studio would ever hire a female director; a sensible notion considering Ghibli’s famous for its string of […]

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The Red Turtle review – rapturous minimalism from Studio Ghibli

This wordless animated fable follows the fortunes of a shipwrecked man on an island – and it’s a masterpiece In the wake of Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises, Isao Takahata’s The Tale of the Princess Kaguya and Hiromasa Yonebayashi’s When Marnie Was There, there were reports that Japan’s celebrated Studio Ghibli had run its creative course. But at the Cannes film […]

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25+ Ghibli Posters That Ghibli Fans Like

The universe of Miyazaki is unique and fabulous. From My Neighbor Totoro to Spirited Away, Hayao Miyazaki is a genius. He can transform our world into a beautifully animated world with endearing characters and stories with underlining messages. Below we will introduce you the most beautiful and hottest Ghibli posters. Show your great love with [...]
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Top Totoro Merchandise That Fans Have Been Looking For

My Neighbor Totoro: the film that captured our childish imaginations and sent us scrambling for our leaf umbrellas on rainy days, hoping to catch the Catbus. Despite his long career as a film director, Hayao Miyazaki has yet to create a character more loveable, recognized, and kawaii than his 1988 Totoro. Our childhood days of [...]
Easy Studio Ghibli Cosplay

Top 14 Ghibli Cosplay Costume For Fan

For Studio Ghibli lovers, the best holiday to show their love to the animation studio is Halloween. While some may think that the only outfit accepted is Totoro or No Face, there are many other characters that have been modeled for the best Halloween ever. If you love anything related to Studio Ghibli, look ahead […]

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21+ Christmas 2019 Gift Ideas For Ghibli Fans

Every time you come to the festive season, do you have a headache about choosing gifts for your relatives? Christmas is coming this year, do you have any ideas for this? Are you, your loved one, friend or family member a fan of the legendary Studio Ghibli? Here are the latest items, sure to be […]

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Studio Ghibli’s World Is Stunning As The Movie

Japan is a place with the most mysterious places. Some locations look like just coming out of fairy tales or cartoons. Although it is hard to narrow down the list like this, here are 10 locations will help you start your journey to the land of the rising sunrise to explore the world of Studio […]

Whisper Of The Heart

Whisper Of The Heart

Whisper of the Heart (Japanese: 耳をすませば Hepburn: Mimi o Sumaseba, literally “If you listen closely”) is a 1995 Japanese animated romantic coming of age drama film directed by Yoshifumi Kondō and written by Hayao Miyazaki based on the 1989 manga of the same name by Aoi Hiiragi. It was animated by Studio Ghibli for Tokuma […]

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