Aya and the Witch: Studio Ghibli fans react to divisive images from new film

Studio Ghibli fans are expressing their concern following the release of divisive images from the studio’s first film in six years.

Aya and the Witch is a collaboration between Hayao Miyazaki, who came out of retirement for this release as well as new film How Do You Live?, and his son, Goro.

It is an adaptation of a novel written by Diana Wine Jones, who wrote Howl’s Moving Castle, which Studio Ghibli adapted in 2004.

Interestingly, it will be the studio’s first fully 3D CG-animated film.

aya and the witch studio ghibli cgi animation itsnicethat1.jpg

However, following the release of the new images, fans have been left feeling surprised by the animation on display.

“Studio… Ghibli? THAT Ghibli?” one confused fan wrote on Twitter, with another adding: “This will be a make it or break it on Studio Ghilbi’s part.”

Others were more angry with the move to 3D filmmaking, with one person stating: “Please cancel this, still got time. Do not tarnish

Studio’s legacy.”

“What made Studio Ghibli stand out was the beauty of 3D animation and carefully drawn backgrounds,” one user wrote, adding: ”You could actually see how much love, care and dedication was put into these anime movies. I don’t want Ghibli to produce standard 3D movies, I’m begging you please stop.”

‘Aya and the Witch’ is the studio’s first fully 3D CG-animated film (Studio Ghibli)
Another user, though, gave the images the benefit of the doubt.

“I understand having a preference for 2D content, but people seeing that CG Ghibli film and just immediately shutting it down entirely is wild to me cause you KNOW it’s still gonna have that good Studio Ghibli energy.”

Find a mixture of reactions below.


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