Who Inspired The Movie "Spirited Away" Of Studio Ghibli

After 15 years, Ghibli studio finally explained why Chihiro’s parents turned into pigs

“Spirited Away” is the most popular Japanese animated film in the world, and most viewers probably remember the scene of her parents Chihiro being turned into a pig, but you know the whole thing. Why? In 2016, Studio Ghibli answered this question to fans.

Spirited Away ( Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi ) has always been the most watched and reviewed animation product in the world. The film itself has always made audiences come up with three big questions and a Twitter user named 0910noncha has sent these questions to Studio Ghibli. Content questions include: Why are Chihiro’s parents turned into pigs? What did they eat that turned into that? And how did Chihiro recognize her parents in the test?

A few months later, 0910noncha suddenly received a reply from this legendary studio. This is considered a gift for fans of Studio Ghibli on the occasion of the 15th birthday of the Spirited Away (July 20, 2001 – July 20, 2016).

First question: What did Chihiro’s parents eat that turned into pigs?

Studio Ghibli’s response letter says this: ” We can’t determine what dishes are, but we want to express that they are unique foods only in the spiritual world. Eating like a chicken, Chihiro’s mother said ‘even the bones are soft,’ the chicken really won’t be like that . ‘

” In addition, Yubaba mentioned it as food for guests, preparing to entertain the gods ,” the letter said. ” You can explain these dishes as ‘a kind of trap designed for humanity to accidentally enter the spiritual world”

Second question: Why are Chihiro’s parents turned into pigs?

The special letter explains: ” Chihiro’s parents did not have to eat food immediately and turned into pigs, but the time passed, slowly turning into pigs .” Therefore, it can be said that the key to making Chihiro’s parents turn into pigs is not eating food, but the act of “eating and wanting to eat”.

Studio Ghibli also expressed clearly, arranging such plot content is a metaphor for the real world. “People turn into pigs” can be explained: Because “the greedy person” that makes people no longer like humans, gradually losing themselves, creating tragedy “once turning into instant pig cannot turn to become human again “.

Question 3: How did Chihiro recognize her parents in the final test?

3The final test is to ask Chihiro to find her parents in her pigs. Chihiro’s “parents not here” sentence helped her through testing. Many people believe that Chihiro has super abilities to recognize everything.

For this question, Studio Ghibli replied, “At the last moment, Chihiro can tell the difference because she has overcome the obstacles and mastered the ” living energy “, gaining this ability. Everyone can do it like she does.

Since the Spirited Away debuted in 2001 to date, almost no one is unaware of this film. In addition to winning an Oscar for Best Animation category at the 75th season, the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival in 2002 and being in the top 10 list of 50 movies you should watch at the age of 14 of BFI, ministry The film keeps moving viewers. It is not only an entertaining cartoon, but also a meaningful message for viewers. Under beautiful colors, Spirited Away not only speaks of childhood wishes, but also has the ability to make adults think about things in the past.

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