5 Definitions Of Women In The Ghibli’s Movies

Half of the world is women, their beauty and personality are endless sources of inspiration to create excellent cinematographic works. And under the emotional drawing of Studio Ghibli, the woman was portrayed rich in humanity and profound artistic value. Here are the images of the 5 typical girls that Miyazaki Hayao has portrayed so to have a complete definition of the beauty of women.

Ponyo – The cuteness, sweetness with the fairy tale of childhood


Ponyo is the story of the Eastern mermaid of Studio Ghibli, released in 2008 with an impressive revenue of over $ 200 million. In the movie, Ponyo is a petite, cute little girl who dreams of going to the mainland to write interesting stories with Sousuke.

Ponyo’s cuteness is portrayed by rustic drawings with big, lively eyes, chubby body and a pink skirt flying by the waves. When she became a person, she was silly, clumsy, mixed with a bit of mischievousness.



Ponyo is the sweet childhood of every girl with a fairy dream full of miracles and “prince” is her childhood friend. Watching Ponyo, the audience seemed to be revived with beautiful memories when they was still young with lovely, naive and dreamlike actions and joys in strange dreams.

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Mononoke – The strong, wild girl who struggles for what she loves


Princess Mononoke is an epic and romantic classic produced by Studio Ghibli in 1997. An outstanding, artistic value film tells the story of the journey to eliminate conflict between people and nature. In that battle, the image of Princess Mononoke of the Wolf of the mysterious Western Region forest appeared full of freedom, liberal and strong, full of life like the land where she lived.

Her real name is San, the daughter of Moro White Wolf god. Living with animals, plants and flowers, her personality is like a wild beast full of power, always confronting Eboshi to protect the forest, her precious home.


San is the symbol of the energetic power of women that Studio Ghibli portrayed with the wild, fierce nature of action and words. The sharp look, resolute attitude and the heart are always filled with new sources of life to fight for own family and home.

San’s beauty is also hidden in a gentle, gentle feeling with strange emotions since Ashitaka’s appearance. Love help her peaceful, more gentle to feel the sincere love. It is the meaningful humanity that Miyazaki has given to this character of personality, each woman who is thorny and strong, when they stands in front of the love they are weak, gentle and desire to be loved injury, protection.

Princess Kaguya – Gentle and desire to live with the true happiness of the woman

With the work of Princess Kaguya published in 2013, Studio Ghibli reflects the fate and life of the ancient oriental woman, they are people who are always imposed on prejudice of perfection by family and society.


The film tells about Kaguya and the process of maturity to deserve the title “princess” from fame and beauty to her status. She had to leave her childhood, her childhood home, her friends to come to the world of power, riches, to learn how to become a prestigious lady and to be married to the rich. She was in a magnificent, solitary palace in the desire to live the way she herself wanted to live.

Kaguya is the image that represents the woman of old time, they are always bound, imprisoned in the norms, and death in wishing for simple happiness.


A story with an unhappy ending, she must return to the cold moon in tears of nostalgia for beautiful memories of the earth. That conclusion is a true reflection of the reality of the life of the woman when she is held back from dreams, freedom in living standards and standards. Whether past or present and the future, Asian women are generally suppressed by invisible regulations.

This work is the voice, the dream and the sincere confession of the woman that Studio Ghibli sends to everyone, that please respect, love and liberate the girls, to learn to live true to what they want.

Satomi Naoko – The silent sacrifice of the woman


The Wind Rises is an animated cartoon that was released in the summer of 2013, about the journey to conquer the dream of young Horikoshi Jiro in the design of wartime aircraft. In that journey, the girl who is always beside her, supports Jiro unconditionally as Naoko, the small girl who is always strong, smiling to support her husband.Naoko met and married Jiro in the wake of Japan’s war and natural disasters. The tuberculosis disease nibbled Naoko’s body and spirit, but she still struggled to fight the illness and optimism that encouraged Jiro whenever he had trouble and failed.


From a noble lady, Naoko became a gentle wife, who was looking after the family work and radiantly welcomed her husband back. She was the shoulder, the fulcrum whenever Jiro was weak, collapsed. Naoko is willing to sacrifice the brief moments of happiness with Jiro so that he can focus on fulfilling his life’s wish. A noble and beautiful sacrifice.

Naoko died but she still lives forever in Jiro’s heart. It is probably the greatest happiness of Naoko and also of every girl, always loved and cherished by the guy of his life.

Sophie – The most beautiful girl, when she is confident, is always herself

Sophie is the main character in the fictional anime, Howl’s Moving Castle, released in 2004, because of the curse, she must take the form of a 90-year-old woman with white hair. With a magical adventure in Wizard’s mobile castle, Sophie found new life and true happiness of her life.

Howl's Moving Castle - Anime Honors Love, Dreams, Freedom and Happiness

Sophie is the main character in the anime Howl’s Moving Castle, released in 2004. Because of the curse, she must take the form of a 90-year-old woman with white hair. With a magical adventure in Howl’s moving castle, Sophie found new life and true happiness of her life.

Because of her inferiority with her appearance, Sophie always closes herself through the day in the tedious hat making work. Fate for her to meet Howl and being hit by the curse of distortion became ugly and old. However, Sophie was brave enough to accept it as a liberation.

Howl's Moving Castle - Anime Honors Love, Dreams, Freedom and Happiness

With her soul beauty and sincere love, Sophie won Howl’s heart and wrote a dreamlike ending for herself. Through Sophie ‘s image, Studio Ghibli sent a meaningful message to each girl that the beauty of the soul will win over the beauty of the outside. A sincere loving heart will neutralize all curse and difficulties. Accepting and loving yourself will make you feel confident and shine before the person you love.


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