4 scary conspiracy theories but ... reasonable behind the classic Ghibli series

4 Scary Conspiracy Theories But … Reasonable Behind The Classic Ghibli Movies

“Fan hypothesis” is an inevitable thing when the author / work has a loyal fan base; ready to watch again and again, look back to find the meaning sent in it. This Studio Ghibli – the legendary Japanese animation studio – certainly has. In addition to the profound Japanese character, Ghibli films have become more and more attractive in the eyes of “conspiracy theory” lovers. Here are some of the most famous “conspiracy theories” of the Ghibli fan community, which will surely surprise you about the “flying away” in the imagination of the audience.

1. My Neighbor Totoro: Satsuki and Mei are depressed

A few years ago, the online community “fluttered” about a “conspiracy theory” that Totoro was a god who could only be seen by people who were about to die or died. According to this theory, the story will happen as follows: Mei is missing and is believed to have died when a pair of baby sandals were found under the lake. Satsuki, could not accept this pain and lied that it was not Mei’s sandals. She goes to find Totoro and thanks to Totoro’s help, the sisters find each other. After that, the two went to the hospital. Since they were a soul, the two children could only observe their mother from … on the tree. Here, the only person who sees them is mother, and that is a sign that she is also about to die.

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This hypothesis is immediately shared by the online community. People began adding false facts to the story to make the story “sensational” more. And when things went too far, Studio Ghibli had to deny this theory. But so many people still believe in it now (who knows Studio Ghibli is telling the truth or just comforting the public ?!).

2. Spirited Away: Yubaba’s bathhouse is a brothel

This is a very strong hypothesis because it is supported by many evidence in the film. So, you need to be calm, because although it is shocking, it still has a humanistic meaning. Yubaba is a demon? Is anyone going to promote a demon?

Are you calm now? Okay, let’s start.

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All doubts start from the name. Accordingly, in the Edo period, there were many brothels in the form of public baths, and the managers of these “economic models” were called “Yubaba” – It was the name of our villain. Chihiro went to ask for a job at Yubaba’s bathhouse because she wanted to save her parents. This action of her is a “debt repayment” to help her parents. For a child at that age, is there a way to repay faster than “selling yourself” into a brothel?

Next, the condition to get into work was that Chihiro had to give her name to Yubaba. She has a new name “Sen” – One thousand. Is this her price? When I think about this, I feel even more frightening when I recall the chase of No Face after Chihiro to give she a pile of gold coins and always whisper: “I want Sen! I want Sen! Get money.”

The name “Noface” is also something worth discussing. When it comes to the sex industry, we refer to men who are not present. They just come to use “service”, pay, and leave. On the contrary, girls don’t have names. Because when entering any type of porn, at all times and in all cultures, girls are required to use fake names. Now do you think it makes sense to change the name of Chihiro at the beginning of the movie?

3. Ponyo: All … died

Another hypothesis begins with the name. Fans have noticed Ponyo’s real name “Brunhilde”, similar to the name of a female goddess related to death in Norse mythology. And the more convincing thing is, Ponyo is the creator of the Tsunami battle that engulfed the whole city.

These “conspiracy theory” believers believe that with such a destructive Tsunami, there is no reason why the whole city will survive. Especially the elderly in the nursing home. In addition, we also witness in the sea of ​​extinct creatures, and in particular, meet a family who is traveling on an ancient boat, with a style of dress from earlier times. Is this confusion about this time a testament to … all dead ?!

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The coldest is the tunnel detail that many fans have “uncovered”: On the way to the nursing home to find her mother (Sousuke’s mother works at the nursing home), Sousuke and Ponyo have gone through a tunnel. Do you feel “familiar”? In Spirited Away, Chihiro’s family used to go through the tunnel to enter the Soul World! And the tunnel is actually a popular symbol that refers to the interconnected path between the two world. Look at the left side of the tunnel in the cut scene from this movie, what do you see? It is a statue of Jizo – the Bodhisattva who patronizes of … the soul of children, in Japanese culture.

4. Princess Mononoke: Mononoke’s jacket is the dead “brother”

It sounds scary, but if you think about it carefully, you will find it very rich in humanity. In the movie, we hear Moro (Wolf Mother) talk about why she raised San (Mononoke): “I caught her parents dirtying the forest. They threw the child down at my feet and ran away.” “Dirtying the forest” is a very obscure phrase, but fans of the “guessing old” movie are San’s parents who have hunted baby wolves and killed one of Moro’s children.

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Later, when they were caught by Moro, they threw San to make sacrifices. The high possibility is that Moro has chased and killed San’s parents, and with San, she brought back and put on her the fur of the dead child. It was both a way for her to remember her child, as well as a way to see San as a baby wolf in the house. This also shows the mother’s Wolf (representative of nature) very tolerant.

Mononoke fans once had a theory that was recognized by director Hayao Miyazaki. It is the “incurable disease” of those who make guns for Mrs. Eboshi in Iron Town, which is leprosy. Therefore, they became more confident when making the hypothesis about the Wolf Princess’s fur.


Do you agree or oppose the above “conspiracy theories”? Or are there any “conspiracy theories” of own? Let’s share and discuss!

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