10 Typical Features Of Ghibli Movies (Part 2)

6. Modify legends


It was the Japanese filmmaker who once said: “My story is often incomplete and complete at the preparation stage. Time is not allowed. So I developed the story line when I entered the construction stage. Scenario continues to be composed during the production process. ” So despite the appearance of fairy tales, Miyazaki’s script often contains more complex and meaningful issues.

This feature of Hayao Miyazaki appears in all his works, the most notable of which is “Oscar dream” Spirited Away. At first glance, the film only focuses on the psychological adventure of a 10-year-old child, but all the problems Chihiro faces on the road are the dilemma of today’s generation of young people. The film conveys the author’s point of view on ecological, warfare, bad aspects of modern society, the most violent, political and outstanding problems that he shows all through Artistic metaphor image.

7. Loneliness of young people

This is the most common type of character in Hayao Miyazaki’s movie world. Almost all the children who are destined to become leaders must be alone. In Spirited Away, Chihiro the little girl in most journeys in the spirit world must discover for herself. In Kiki’s Delivery Service, the witch is only 13 years old accidentally lost her family, then she confronts the challenges to find her own value.

Another case in Laputa: Castle In The Sky, Sheeta and Pazu couples must cope with the harshness of the world without the care of their parents or any relatives.

8. Definition of heroes

In the mind of the co-founder of the Ghibli studio, his recognized heroes must undergo the most idealized humanization process to be able to write their own myths.

Such characters often have to help people, sacrifice personal interests, suffer many injuries. They are not allowed to tremble. They must be more risky, proactive and aggressive in their behavior and thinking. Their potential strength is awakened only in times of struggle. No matter how much they love peace, they must be ready for new wars. And yet, they must love animals, in harmony with nature. Their soul is pure.


For example, the two princesses Nausicaa and San are like crusader warriors, using all their lives and strength to stop capitalism and militarist empire from invading or harming their beloved nature mother.

9. Delicate brushstrokes

One of the advantages of the film from Ghibli is Hayao Miyazaki’s involvement in drawing. As a result, the images in the film became so magnificent that it was thought to be 100% hand painted. The effort that artists use for their works is really praiseworthy when expressing the visual aspect and imbuing the art from concept to application of drawing.

One more remarkable feature of Miyazaki’s painting is that he personalizes his characters to the maximum. We can speculate on the protagonists of Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind and teenage Princess Mononoke, while Chihiro in Spirited Away and Kiki in the movie of the same name are just babies. The newest and most unique is Porco Rosso when the character is a pig but acts like a human.

Porco Rosso

By his pen, Miyazaki completely mastered the story going on in a rural or urban setting, tending to be a dark reality or a fairytale fairy.

10. Spectacular graphics

Accompanied by elaborate drawings, Miyazaki’s movie party is hard to do without excellent graphics processing techniques. Every movement of the character in the movie is smooth and realistic. This tenth feature is the most obvious mark that Miyazaki passed on to the next generation in the Ghibli studio.

The daily actions of the character are already very well taken care of, but the flying scenes are even sharper. You can test it in a fierce fight opening the Nausicaa movie, an aerial collision in the middle of the Kiki’s Delivery Service movie, a double match between pilots Porco Russo and Curtis or countless scenes film floating in the midst of the movie Howl’s Moving Castle.


In addition, Ghibli cartoons do not lack action scenes worth watching such as racing in The Castle Of Cagliostro, the collapse of the Laputa castle: Castle In The Sky and the earthquake of The Wind Rises.

However, the only film that reached Miyazaki’s artistic climax was Spirited Away, since every frame in the film was a masterpiece art into the eyes of any fastidious audience.

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