10 things that few people know in “Spirited Away”

Who Inspired The Movie "Spirited Away" Of Studio Ghibli

“Spirited Away” is one of the best movies of Japanese Ghibli and there are certainly many people who watch it over and over again, but there are iconic details in the movie that almost Everyone doesn’t recognize it. In the first part of the film, it is about the context of the Japanese era at that time. After the war, the Japanese economy developed rapidly, the middle class was popular, like the Chihiro house: the family consisted of a parent and a child, had a house, a car, a father was an officer, formed a typical Japanese family.

Torii is a common architectural style at the entrance or in the Shinto shrine, in the “Land of the Soul”, an unusual position of Torii implicitly refers both Chihiro has entered an unusual world.
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The scene of the downtown street is a familiar sight in Japan during the economic development period, which is also a sight that makes Japanese people so nostalgic now. Most brands now people familiar are formed from that era.

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In Japan, sunset is a period of time that does not belong to human beings, things that go towards us may be human, and may not be human.

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Kamajji is the old man in charge of burning the stove, controlling medicine and hot water of the public bath. Although at first glance very aggressive but he is an honest person with heart, the image of Kamaji aggregated from “Medicine Buddha” and “Guan Yin thousand hands”.

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Iconic monsters came from the district’s Akita monster mask, young people often wear masks to worshiping demons.

DownloadThe Radish is a Japanese agricultural god, appearing in Japan from the 12th and 13th centuries. In “Spirited Away”, The Radish is also the protector of Chihiro and does not reveal the identity of Chihiro.


If you pay close attention to the garden, you will find it in full bloom with apricot flowers (February), camellia (February), rhododendron (May) and oleander (July – August). Flowers, all representing the flowers of the four seasons, is a symbol of the paradise.

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Noface is often the image of a demon species, this is the theme of the Kabuki stage in Japan so far, alluding to being unable to satisfy one’s desire. And Noface in “Spirited Away” is also representative for human greed.

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Haku, Faceless and Boh after being rescued by Chihiro, all thanked her. Only her parents after turning back into people are still indifferent. People are the hardest to be saved.

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